Generate Positive Energy: Core Value Number Three

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Generate Positive Energy: Core Value Number Three

Here at Creative Cakes, we abide by four simple Core Values:

  • Make the Next Person Successful
  • Go the Extra Mile
  • Generate Positive Energy
  • Act with Reputation in Mind

We wear them on our shirts to serve as a constant reminder to ourselves and each other of what we aspire to achieve every single day with all that we do. It doesn’t matter if you’re a cook, a cleaner, or a cake decorator, we all follow the same set of values.

The third core value, Generate Positive Energy, can be seen in every department of the bakery and it all starts in the dark hours of the morning.

Our production team comes into the bakery at the wee hours to start us off. They put love and care into the preparation of every product. They usually have upbeat music playing as they work to set the tone for everyone as they come into start their day. Each person is greeted with innumerable bubbly “Good Morning!”s as they walk through to their department.

Our decorators work tremendously hard to ensure that each cake is a work of art. They spend hours preparing each custom piece so that it can bring joy to the customer for their special event.

Our counter team greets each person as they walk through the door with a big smile and “Good morning!” or “Hello!” They celebrate with the customers as they present their custom creation and review its awesomeness to ensure it’s beyond satisfactory.

Our sales team approaches each person with cheerfulness and anticipation. Nothing is more exciting for them to hear than, “I need to order a cake.” To see the order come to fruition starting with the baking team, then to the decorators, boxed and up to the counter, and lastly, to the customer, is an exciting experience.

Of course, we all get bogged down sometimes. During the busy season when everyone is working a long, hard day, it can be difficult to keep the energy high and positive. But when we take a minute, sit back and remember why we do what we do – it’s easy to regain that motivation. We don’t just create cakes – we create happiness, memories, and cause for celebration. Babies, weddings, birthdays, graduations, retirements, winning an award – these are just a few of the life events in which we have the good fortune to be included. It may also be having a cupcake for dessert or a delicious cup of coffee to start the day off right. A small thing can make a huge impact.

That’s why here at Creative Cakes, we believe in generating positive energy. Not just for ourselves, but for YOU! We believe that each person deserves happiness and positivity. In the words of Desmond Tutu, “Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.”

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