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Delivery & Pick-up Information

How Far Away Do You Deliver?

Our delivery area covers all of the south suburbs of Chicago, the Chicago metropolitan area, as far north as Schaumburg, northwest to Elgin, west to Oswego, southwest to Wilmington, south to Kankakee, and east, to northwest Indiana.

Is There a Delivery Charge?

Yes. The delivery charge covers our time, fuel costs and set-up. Some cakes requiring elaborate set-ups may be subject to an increased set-up and delivery charge. Prices range from $25.00 for local deliveries to $150.00 or more for downtown Chicago and distant deliveries.

How to Transport Your Cake

1. Please ensure that a flat space is available in the vehicle. SUVs, mini-vans, or vehicles with back seats that fold down are ideal. Trunks that are cleared out ahead of time are also great spaces. Placing the cake on a seat or in someone’s lap is not recommended.

2. Place a non-slip mat under the box to prevent your cake from sliding. A piece of non-slip material may be provided by Creative Cakes, if necessary.

3. Check any items around the cake to ensure that they are secure and will not fall on or slide into the cake (potentially causing damage).

4. Keep the air conditioning on to maintain a cool environment for the cake. Do not leave a cake sitting in the car while it is warm outside.

5. Accelerate, come to stops, and take turns slowly while driving.

6. When lifting and carrying a cake, always support it from the bottom using both hands.

7. If the box for your cake has a separate lid, do not press on it.

8. Please do not have animals in the car. Dogs love our cake, too!


Tinley Park

16649 Oak Park Ave, STE F
Tinley Park, IL 60477



Tinley Park

Tuesday – Saturday:  8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

*NO In-store ordering. Custom order? Please submit “Request A Quote” form at top of page.

*MASKS REQUIRED. Social distancing rules apply.

Email us at info@creativecakesbakery.com.

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