Naperville: Creative Cakes Design Studio

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Naperville: Creative Cakes Design Studio

It’s happening! This coming January, we are opening Creative Cakes Design Studio, in Downtown Naperville. While not a bakery in the traditional sense, this location provides a convenient spot for us to meet with our western suburban clients so that we can design cakes for their upcoming special events.  Hours are by appointment only at the Design Studio.  We are hoping to open sometime mid-January 2018. In anticipation of that, we’ll be taking appointments for wedding cake and other special occasions prior to opening. If you are interested in booking an appointment, please call us at either 630-365-7580, or 708-614-9755. **update! The Creative Cakes Design Studio is NOW OPEN. Please call for an appointment, or book online**


Creative Cakes Design Studio FAQ

I’m familiar with Creative Cakes Bakery & Cafe in Tinley Park. What exactly is the Creative Cakes Design Studio?

Well, as the name implies, the Design Studio is a place where we meet with clients and design cakes for upcoming events, like weddings, baby showers, and graduations. Our clients can sample our cakes at the Design Studio, but it is not a bakery in the traditional sense.

Where are the cakes made if I place an order at the Creative Cakes Design Studio?

We have a large bakery and cafe in Tinley Park, where all of our products are made fresh daily. Orders placed in Naperville at the Design Studio are made in Tinley Park and delivered to the event location at the date and time that you specify.

Do I need to make an appointment to order a cake through the Creative Cakes Design Studio?

Yes. You do need an appointment to come to the Design Studio for a tasting and consultation. Please call either 630-365-7580 or 708-614-9755 to schedule over the phone. If you’d like the ability to schedule your own appointment online at a later time, we just need to ask you a few questions first. Then, we’ll send you a link so that you may book your own appointment online.

What if I just want a basic cake? Do I need to make an appointment just for that?

While we do basic cakes all of the time, we do require a minimum order of $150.00 for delivery in the Naperville area. This usually means a tiered, or shaped cake. If you want a basic cake, we’d suggest ordering for pickup at the Bakery & Cafe in Tinley Park. There is a delivery charge for orders placed at the Design Studio. The charge is based on the Downtown Naperville location, not the Tinley Park location.

I have no idea what the cake I want will cost. Is there a way to get a quote without going through the appointment process?

Sure! The best place to start is by filling our our Request a Quote form on our website. We’ll email you back your quote within 24 hours, in most cases. Quotes are answered in the order they are received. Then, you have the option to place your order over the phone, or come in for an appointment if you want to taste the cake.

How many people may I bring to the appointment?

Four or less is usually a good number. If you’re coming in to sample wedding cake, we understand that sometimes you’d like to bring both sets of parents with you. That’s okay, just know that more people, the more opinions. We have a fixed amount of time available for your appointment and adding more people can draw out the decision making process. If you plan on bringing six people, our recommendation is to narrow down your design selections before coming in. Pick up to three different cakes from designs you have found on either our website or Google. Then, all you have to do is pick cake flavors. For more info on how wedding cakes work at Creative Cakes, please read our Wedding Cake FAQ.

Is the Creative Cakes Design Studio owned by the same people as Creative Cakes Bakery & Cafe?

Yes. We are a family owned business. Sisters Beth Fahey and Becky Palermo have owned Creative Cakes since 2002. The Design Studio was created to allow us to meet with our western suburb clients face-to-face in order to create amazing cakes for all occasions. By adding the convenience factor of delivery for all orders made at the Design Studio, we are eliminating our customers need to pick up at a traditional bakery location, which we know can add a lot of stress to your day when you are planning an event.

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